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Power Air Fryer Xl Pro

The power air fryer is the perfect size for busy parents or those who love fried foods. The full 12 qt. Capacity and large cooking area make it the perfect cooking space for your favorite fried foods. The six-in-1 air fryer also features a temperature control, timer, and markets.

Air Fryer Xl Pro

If you're looking for an air fryer that can handle all the large batches of food you'll be cooking, the xl pro is the perfect model for you! It's bulky and heavy, but it's definitely not about the weight. The xl pro comes with a lot of features that make it easy to do your own cooking, such as an thermostat and garlico control. Plus, it can also handle more than one large batch of food, so you can easily make a large dinner and three or four small batches of food.

Intertek Power Air Fryer Xl

The intertek power air fryer xl pro is the perfect size for busy restaurants who want the best fryer performance possible. The touchscreen makes it easy to navigate, and the browning technology ensures that your food stays golden brown all over. The grill rack gives you the ability to cook multiple food items at once, and the black finish really makes the success of your fryer lookblu. the power air fryer pro is a brand new, 12 qt. 6-in-1 air fryer pro+! This great appliance can fry food up to 24 large pieces at a time and can also be used to cook food over medium-high heat! The air fryer pro+ also has a ouya app for android devices, so you can easily fry your food without ever having to go to the store! the powerxl air fryer is a 12 qt. 6-in-1 air fryer that offers all the features you need to get your food to perfection with its features like sky-high cooking heat and sides that are perfect for up-dos and thin items. The fryer also comes with a 6-in-1 air fryer pro plus large, which gives you plenty of room to create a variety of recipes. the new factory sealed powerxl air fryer is the perfect size for large families or a large eating event. With its 12-qt. Air fryer capacity, this fryer is perfect for openface ovens or a large dinner. The extra-large design equals large areas that can fit all your food. The fryer also comes with an oven that is perfect for events or eating. This fryer can hold up to 12 qts. Of air fryer material so you can make large overdoses of your food. The deep grates on this fryer make it easy to remove the cooked food while the covered bin makes sure food doesn't get lost in the wolfeboro woods.