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Instant Vortex Air Fryer

The Instant Vortex plus is an 10-quart air fryer that comes with both a rotisserie and convection oven, as well as a convection oven, it can cook eggs, bacon, sausage, and other food items. The Instant Vortex plus also cooks onions, carrots, and other vegetables, this air fryer is practical for individuals who covet to create food-based advertisements or cages for animals.

6 Qt Air Fryer

This 6 qt air fryer is a brand new product that is sure to provide cooking perfection in the kitchen, it comes with an Instant Vortex technology that creates lacy patterns that can stick to food and create delicious frying sensations. The air fryer also features a durable stainless steel body that will last for years of use, this 6 qt air fryer is an outstanding size for Instant spices and delicious food. The Instant Vortex plus technology ensures terrific distribution of heat and ensure delicious results every time, the convection oven encourages even cooking and the pre-heated oven can keep food hot for long periods of time. The Vortex mini air fryer peerless for lovers who are digging for an Instant air fryer meal, this mini air fryer extends an 2 qt capacity that makes it exceptional for quick and uncomplicated air fryer meal making. The Vortex mini air fryer also presents a temperature control that makes it straightforward to customize your air fryer meal, this Instant pot air fryer is a practical size for cooking your favorite foods. The Vortex mini air fryer imparts an automated cleaner that keeps your food cooked until you serve it, the black finish is sure to look excellent in any kitchen.