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Farberware Air Fryer Knob

This timer setting for air fryer is for the air fryer, it is a good for setting time for food. It is a good for cooking food at high heat.

Farberware Air Fryer Hf-919b Replacement Parts

If you have an air fryer hf-919 b type shaft air fryer then you will need a new key chain or handle, the key chain or handle will need to be new, as well as the associated battery and griddle. This replacement Knob is for the hf-919 b air fryer, it is produced of hard plastic and provides a cole design. It needs a turbo-gelation system to be effective, and is not compatible with the old timer wheel, this is a splendid air fryer replacement Knob for enthusiasts who have used a model without a timer knob. The timer Knob allows you to set the oven temperature to ensure explosions are kept under control, the air fryer Knob is a temperature control for air fryers that can be used with the air fryer. It must be turned on the air fryer to adopt it with the air fryer, the Knob can be used to regulate the temperature in the air fryer.